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Self Storage Tips | Full House Storage

Self Storage Tips

As you are getting starting with your self storage rental, we aim to keep the process simple. Full House Storage can walk you through the first stages of identifying your storage needs, evaluating your local options, and choosing your best storage unit fit. And then once you have a rental booked, we can also help you prepare your load for time in storage. With the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction and keeping your belongings secure, you can rest easy knowing your belongings are well-protected with Full House. See the difference for yourself! rent now button

A Step-by-Step Guide to Securing Self Storage in Wilson, NC

self storage tips - choosing facility and unitResearch Facilities & Features to Find Your Perfect Fit

Once you begin to search for self storage, you will see lots of options around you. Selecting the right facility and unit is a decision that impacts the safety and accessibility of your belongings. Start your search by prioritizing convenience, ensuring the storage facility is easily accessible from your home, office, or along your regular routes. The best choice in a facility isn’t just about the space it offers; it’s about blending convenience with quality service and  security features. Consider the specific needs of your stored items. For heavier and bulkier items that require frequent access, drive-up units at Full House Storage provide the ultimate ease for loading and unloading. Conversely, our temperature-controlled indoor units are ideal for protecting sensitive items like electronics, wood furniture, or personal records from extreme North Carolina temperatures and humidity. Situated in Wilson, Full House Storage is strategically located to offer effortless access to residents and businesses alike, ensuring your storage solutions are right there when you need them. Our facility is equipped with a range of unit sizes and types, designed to meet the diverse needs of our community. We invite you to explore what Full House Storage has to offer. Use our online storage calculator to find the perfect fit for your storage requirements, and rest assured that your possessions are well-protected.
self storage tips - packing boxes

Packing Strategies for Long-Term Storage Organization

1. Initial Preparation for Sensitive Storage

When you have your designated storage space, you can have a better idea of how to prepare your items for their time stored away. Especially for fragile pieces, you may need to take extra precautions, like carefully wrapping items individually to endure both transport and the duration of storage. At Full House Storage in Wilson, NC, you’ll find an extensive array of packing materials ready to help you take on every storage need. Our team of storage experts is readily available to address your questions and share insightful tips on effective packing and storage techniques. For quick guidance, our self storage FAQ can provide clarity and familiarize you with the facility’s policies.

2. Effective Packing Methods: Start with the Heaviest

Initiate the packing process by placing the heaviest items at the base of your storage containers, progressively adding lighter objects on top. This approach strengthens the structural integrity of your packed boxes, preventing collapse and protecting the contents from potential damage. Keep your items safe while also maximizing space efficiency within each box.

3. Ensure Cleanliness & Protective Measures

The longevity of your stored items has a lot to do with their condition at the time of storage. It’s an important step to clean all belongings, particularly appliances and electronics, to make sure they start off and remain free from dirt and moisture. Utilize protective covers to shield them from dust and other damaging factors. Getting rid of any lingering moisture or contaminants is key to avoiding the risk of mold, mildew, or odors, keeping your items in pristine condition throughout their storage period.

4. Seal in Protection with Airtight Containers

Opt for airtight packing solutions to add a layer of security of your items against moisture and pests. When you are storing items prone to damage, such as antiques, textiles, electronics, and paper documents, airtight containers offer a strong barrier against environmental threats. This method not only preserves your items against deterioration but also provides you with the confidence that your possessions are safe when you have to leave them for long periods of time.
self storage tips - packing storage unit

Packing Techniques for Efficient Storage Units

1. Plan Your Layout Ahead of Time

You can stay organized from the get-go with thoughtful preparation and strategic packing. Start with a plan that includes a central aisle in your unit. This will grant easy access to all corners and visibility for every stored item. Grab the items you need easily without the need to move other boxes to get there. Categorizing your belongings as you pack facilitates will help you keep certain boxes straight later on. For example, allocating separate areas of your unit for different types of items, such as holiday decorations, kitchen gadgets, or personal electronics, can save considerable time and effort when searching for specific items. Keep items that you anticipate needing more frequently near the storage unit’s front door so you can quickly swap them in and out as needed.

2. Leverage Your Unit’s Full Capacity

To truly maximize the storage space at your disposal, consider incorporating shelves. Shelving not only optimizes vertical space but also helps organize your belongings more effectively, making better use of your rental’s overall capacity. Elevating storage on shelves can also protect your items from potential ground-level hazards, such as moisture, while ensuring better air flow around your stored goods.

3. Know What NOT to Store

Are there items that you are not allowed to store in a self storage unit? Absolutely! We want to keep our facility as safe and secure as possible for both tenants and their stored possessions. Perishables, for instance, are a definite no; they deteriorate over time, potentially attracting unwanted pests. Hazardous or flammable items and cash is also a violation of storage policies due to the inherent risks they carry. Consult  Move.org for a complete overview of prohibited items in self-storage facilities. Compliance with these guidelines not only protects your belongings but also upholds the safety standards of the storage environment. Visit Full House Storage’s self storage FAQ for more regulations.

Let Full House Storage Be Your Partner in Handling Life’s Clutter

Now that you’re armed with effective packing and storage strategies, consider Full House Storage in Wilson, NC, your go-to destination for all your storage needs. Featuring both indoor, temperature-controlled units to protect your sensitive items from the unpredictable North Carolina weather and convenient drive-up units that make managing bulky items a breeze, you have plenty of options of all sizes to fit your budget. Additionally, our facility is equipped with designated parking spaces for RVs, boats, and vehicles. For personalized assistance or to learn more about our offerings, call, email, or visit the experts at Full House Storage in person at our office on North Carolina Highway 58. We are ready to help you find the perfect storage solution to declutter and simplify your space. Get started today! rent now button